Toys for Two

Want to introduce your boyfriend or husband to your vibrator? If you don’t know how he will react to a sex toy,  follow these tips to get him excited about sharing a new toy.

Start out with simple communication. How does he feel about sex toys? Does he feel like they would be an interesting addition to playtime? Or does he feel threatened he’ll be replaced by sex toys? Reassure him that vibrators are an enhancement to sex, just like massage, candles, music or erotica. Let him know that many vibrators are made to stimulate both of you. Reassure him that some of your friends are experimenting with sex toys, and that above all, it can be a fun adventure for you to embark on together.

Assure him that he’s good enough. He might be scared that he’s not doing things right, and become insecure. Let him know that just because you want to add a new element to sex, doesn’t mean you want to replace the him. Let him know that you want sex to remain an adventure for both of you, and that sex toys can enliven that adventure.

Some great couples’ toys to start with:

The Virtual Bunny

The Virtual Bunny is a vibrating cock ring that’s soft and stretchy. This ring is great to share–it will make him feel harder and more sensitive, and you’ll love the vibrations of the bunny ears on your clitoris.

The Bong O Ring

Another soft cock ring with a vibrating clitoral tickler. This ring is clear and features a gold ball at its tail for perineum pleasures.

The Heart Throb Love Kit

This sampler kit includes a vibrating cock ring, a vibe that slips on your finger and all sorts of lubes and potions. This kit is perfect for play–you’ll learn what kind of toys you like.