So, you’ve been thinking about buying a vibrator or sex toy. Venturing out to do so can be intimidating and confusing–there are so many types of sex toys out there, you don’t want to be seen walking into an adult store, you’re not sure what kind of vibrator you might like. The experience can be great, or overwhelming, depending on how much you know about the process and how comfortable you are where you’re shopping.

Which is why I’m presenting you with “How to Buy a Vibrator,” a guide that will point you in the right direction–toward the best vibrator for you. My name is Evelyn, and I’m a vibrator expert. I work for Vibrators.com, where I write about and sell vibrators and sex toys in a safe, private environment.

In the following pages, I’ll show you what to look for when purchasing a vibrator. There are many aspects to a vibrator–strength, materials, what part of your body it’s meant to stimulate, whether it’s best used solo or with a partner. Check out any of the pages here to learn all about sex toys. And please check out my store, Vibrators.com, when you’re ready to purchase your first vibrator. Shopping at Vibrators.com is fast, professional and private.

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