A Note on Cost

Let’s stay on the shoe analogy. I’m not trying to hang on to the women and shoes stereotype; I just really dig shoes.

When you buy a pair of shoes for $20, you know what you’re getting: a pair of shoes that may look cute and serve their purpose for a few months. After that few months, you’ll chuck them. You got your money’s worth, and you’re ready to move on. If you buy a $20 vibrator, take note: you will be on the market for new one in a few months’ time. Is there anything wrong with getting a cheap vibrator? Absolutely not! It’s not like your orgasms are going to notice.

If you’re not sure what kind of stimulation you enjoy yet, start cheap. As you learn what you like, make an investment. Let me share with you my favorite higher-end vibrators, for when you’re ready to make the leap. You’ll thank me when you reach into your night stand and find a friend who’s still raring to go, months after you’ve bought it.

The Lelo Nea

This versatile, rechargeable massager is curved to fit over your pubic bone and vibrates at ten different levels, from super-soft to ultra powerful. It’s made from slick, hard plastic and provides external stimulation. You can use it solo, with a dildo or with a partner. 

The Rabbit Habit

A top-of-the-line rabbit vibrator. This Japanese-made rabbit features a premium motor that will last long after your other vibrators have broken. Rabbits feature a rotating, pearl-lined insertable portion and a vibrating external stimulator. Rabbits provide all-over stimulation.

The Lelo Ina

This luxury vibrator is made from premium silicone and features two vibrating pleasure points to send waves of vibration through your G-spot and around your vaginal opening. This traditionally shaped vibrator is rechargeable and can be used internally or externally.